Eaton Autoshift or Ultrashift - GEN 2 - Universal

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A transmission harness installation kit for an Eaton Autoshift AS2 or Ultrashift DM2 Transmission with GEN 2 electronics. This is a universal kit meaning it is not chassis specific and can work on various different truck make and models.  This is an ideal kit to replace a manual transmission with an Eaton GEN 2 Automated Transmission. 

The transmission to cab harness includes breakouts for a 31 pin TCM, J1939 Datalink, ignition signal to the engine, starter signal, start enable, key switch and igniton interupt relays, fused power, battery positive and negative connections and a 21 pin bulkhead connector to interface the cab harness. 

The cab harness includes breakouts for the mating 21 pin bulkhead coming from the transmission, shift controller, gear display, fused power supply for accessories, keypad backlighting, J1939 data node and a 9 pin J1939/J1587 data reader with terminating resistor. 

Kit Includes:

  • Transmission to Cab Harness
  • In Cab Harness

NOTE:  This kit is not chassis specific. The harnesses are universal and can be used in various applications. The connectors on the individual branches of the harnesses are generic and may not match up with the specific style of connectors on your chassis. 

To confirm the generation of your transmission reference the diagram below. 

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