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We supply a line of factory Remanufactured Engines from Caterpillar, Cummins and Detroit Diesel.  There is a lot of confusion in the marketplace about what a Factory Reman engine is and how it is any different than an engine that has been overhauled by a certified dealer.  Let's start with who does what, in the case of a Factory Reman engine, the OEM themselves (CAT, Cummins or Detroit Diesel) rebuild the entire engine inhouse.  An overhauled engine is assembled by a dealer rather than the OEM themselves.  But the differences between the two engines doesn't start and stop with the actual builder, the build profile of a Factory Reman Engine is far more extensive than a dealers overhauled build.  The Factory Reman engine includes 100% part replacement, nothing used going back into the engine.  A dealers overhauled engine has an inspection process of the used parts that ultimately get certified and reinstalled back into the engine as apart of the overhaul process.  Finally it all boils down to the warranty that follows the engine after the build, in the case of a Factory Reman engine, the entire engine is covered for parts and labor if a failure occurs during the warranty period, there is no grey area, the ENTIRE engine is covered.  On the other hand an overhaul engine carries overhaul protection that has a lot of grey area depending on how extensive of a build.  Typically the parts that were replaced with the overhaul kit are covered but the coverage for inspected parts is the major unknown, they may or may not be covered.  

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