Peterbilt Pre-NAMUX Harness - 97.5 to 98 Cat ADEM2 - 40 Pin - 1

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Engine installation harness for installing a Caterpillar 40 pin engine (ADEM2 engine electronics) into a Pre-NAMUX 1997.5 - 1998 Peterbilt truck with Caterpillar 40 Pin ADEM2 chassis electronics.

The Firewall Connector on this harness uses a Plastic Connector.  Peterbilt trucks with an aluminum Firewall Connector use Kustom Truck PN: 19105035-1

NOTE: This harness is only compatible with a Caterpillar 40 Pin ADEM2 based Peterbilt Pre-NAMUX (analog) electronics chassis. If you are uncertain of your exact chassis electronics please call for fitment confirmation.