Caterpillar Front Engine Upfit - C12/C13 - 8 Groove Serpentine

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This front engine upfit kit for Caterpillar C12 and C13 engines offers a convenient solution for upgrading to an 8 groove serpentine belt configuration.  This kit will enhance the performance and efficiency of these engines by optimizing the belt system.  By upgrading from V-Belts to an 8 groove serpentine belt configuration, it ensures better power transmission and reduced belt slippage which prolongs the life of the belts, resulting in improved overall engine performance.  This 8 groove serpentine upfit kit is designed to be used with a TOP Mount Pad style AC Compressor and a Pad Mount Alternator.  

Kit Includes:

  • Alternator/AC Compressor/Fan Hub Mounting Bracket
  • AC Adapter Bracket - Top Pad Mount
  • Idler Pulley - Smooth
  • Idler Pulley - 8 Groove
  • Alternator Pulley - 8 Groove
  • Tensioner
  • Crankshaft Pulley - 8 Groove
  • AC Compressor w/ 8 Groove Pulley
  • Genuine Caterpillar Hardware

NOTE: This kit includes Genuine Caterpillar hardware to mount the brackets to the engine. 

1 year