Caterpillar Front Engine Upfit - C15/3406E - 12/6 Groove Serpentine - Top Mount AC

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This front engine upfit kit for Caterpillar C15 and 3406E engines offers a convenient solution for upgrading to a 12/6 groove serpentine belt configuration.  This kit will enhance the performance and efficiency of these engines by optimizing the belt system.  By upgrading from V-Belts to an 12/6 groove serpentine belt configuration, it ensures better power transmission and reduced belt slippage which prolongs the life of the belts, resulting in improved overall engine performance.  This 12 groove serpentine upfit kit is designed to be used with a TOP Mount Pad style AC Compressor and a Pad Mount Alternator.  

Kit Includes:

  • Alternator Mounting Bracket
  • AC Mounting Bracket - Top Pad Mount
  • Upper Idler Pulley - Smooth
  • Lower Idler Pulley - 12 Groove
  • Alternator Pulley - 12 Groove
  • Upper Tensioner - For 6 Groove AC Belt
  • Lower Tensioner - For 12 Groove Main Drive Belt
  • Crankshaft Pulley - 12 Groove
  • Fan Hub Mounting Studs
  • Genuine Caterpillar Hardware

NOTE: This kit includes Genuine Caterpillar hardware to mount the brackets to the engine. 

1 year

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