Bench Harness - MCM & CPC Jumper - Detroit DDEC6/DD13/DD15/DD16

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Introducing the latest addition to the Kustom Truck Bench Harness line of products, the Detroit Diesel MCM and CPC Jumper.  This Jumper is capable of servicing a broad range of Detroit electronics from DDEC6 through current production DD generation (DD13, DD15 and DD16) electronics.

The jumper harness takes the same modular approach as the rest of our bench harness line, we utilize the same base bench harness with a Duetsch, 21-Pin male bulkhead connector. The ECM breakout uses an Amphenol 21-Pin locking male connector. We configured the other end of the harness for the CPC unit with (4) Amphenol 18-Pin (blue, brown, bray and white) male plugs. 

In the middle of the jumper harness there is (1) female plug and (2) male 3-Pin plugs that determine which generation of Detroit Diesel electronics can be serviced.  When connected to the CPC1 connector you will be able to monitor DDEC6 electronics.  When you are connected to the CPC2+ connector you are able to monitor DD generation (CPC2, CPC3 or CPC4) electronics.

In addition to this ECM Jumper you will need to select the Base Harness and appropriate Battery and Throttle Jumpers and to have a complete system. 

NOTE: This particular ECM Jumper harness works with Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines utilizing DDEC 6 or DD13, DD15 and DD16 engine electronics. 

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