Bench Harness - Throttle Jumper - Cummins CM871/CM2250/CM2350/CM2450

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Bench Harness Throttle Control Jumper for a Cummins ISX with CM871, CM2250, CM2350 or CM2450 engine electronics for a ECM Breakout Harness
1.00 LBS
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The Kustom Truck Cummins Throttle Jumper works with CM871, CM2250, CM2350 and CM2450 engine electronics.  The jumper harness plugs into the base bench harness at the throttle breakout with a Deutsch DT, 6 Pin connector.  The other end of the harness plugs directly into the throttle position sensor (TPS) on the side of the pedal.

In addition to this Throttle Jumper you will need to select the Base Harness and appropriate Battery and ECM Jumpers and to have a complete system. 

NOTE: This particular Throttle Jumper harness works with Cummins engines utilizing CM871, CM2250, CM2350, and CM2450 engine electronics.

1 Year