Exhaust Temperature Probe - 1/4" NPT - for Peterbilt or Kenworth Pyrometer Smart Gauge

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A replacement Exhaust Temperature Probe, commonly referred to as a Pyrometer Probe.  The probe is designed to be installed in the exhaust elbow and measures exahust temperature after the turbo outlet.  Our Pyrometer probe utilizes a convenient 1/4" pipe thread screw-in style sensor, esuring a secure and reliable connection point.

The sensor is specifically designed to be used in our Kustom Truck Smart Gauge kits for Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks. Although the senor is universal and can be used in various applications.

With it's accurate exhaust gas temperature readings, our Pyrometer probe allows you to monitor and optimize your trucks performance while out on the road.  Keeping a close eye on exhaust temperatures help prevent overheating and ensure efficient fuel burn/combustion.

NOTE: A direct replacement for the sensor used in Kustom Truck Pyrometer Smart Gauge Kit PN's: 19115002 or 29115001

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