Harness Repair Kit - Cat 40 Pin - OEM Side

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Caterpillar ECM 40 Pin Harness Repair Kit ADEM2
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A harness repair kit for Caterpillar 40 Pin (ADEM2) engine electronics.  The 40 Pin connector supplied in this kit is keyed for the OEM side of the ECM (engine to cab harness).  All genuine OEM components are included in the kit.  The Deutsch sockets are gold plated to match the mating pins on the ECM.  All of the sockets have been crimped to an 18" section of wire making installation simple and straightforward.  We use automotive crosslink GXL copper wire.  Any unused cavities in the ECM connector should be plugged with the included ECM cavity plugs. 

Kit Includes:

  • ECM Plug - Square 40 Pin with Key "A"
  • (30) 18 GA White GXL Wires - 18" Length
  • (1) 14 GA Red GXL Wire - 18" Length - Power
  • (1) 14 GA Black GXL Wire - 18" Length - Ground
  • (1) 18 GA Orange GXL Wire - 18" Length - Keyswitch Power
  • (20) Cavity Plugs - White

NOTE: This repair kit is for the OEM side of the ECM (engine to cab harness), NOT the engine sensor harness side. 

1 Year