Peterbilt NAMUX3 Harness - Cat ADEM2000/3 70 Pin

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Glider Kit engine installation harness for installing a Caterpillar 70 Pin engine (ADEM2000 or ADEM3 engine electronics) into a Peterbilt truck with NAMUX3 chassis electronics.

NOTE: This harness is only compatible with a Peterbilt NAMUX3 electronics chassis. NAMUX3 electronics are typically found on 2011 and newer Peterbilt heavy duty class 8 trucks such as 389, 388, 386 and 367. If you are uncertain of your exact chassis electronics please call for fitment confirmation.

To purchase a Glider Truck harness, the full 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is required.  The VIN is a unique code assigned to each vehicle and contains important information about its specifications and history.  A Glider Kit Truck VIN is unique because it has “GGGG” in the 5th through 8th digits of the VIN.  This special designation helps identify the vehicle as a Glider Kit truck and distinguishes it from other types of vehicles.  Supplying the complete VIN ensures the correct harness is supplied for your truck.

An example Glider Kit VIN:

Peterbilt Glider Kit Truck Vin Tag

1 year

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